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  • August 16, 2014Release of the Arabic version of the book : "Tunisie L'espoir: mode d'emploi pour une reprise" carried out under the direction of E. Jouini...



Elyès Jouini : a way out – possible solutions to the crisis

August 20th 2013

Today more than ever, I am convinced that we must take all protagonists into consideration, offer each of them an honorable exit and the guarantee that they will be part of the future political process, whatever the outcome of the next elections. I believe that this is a crucial point . The Egyptian experience teaches us that an excessive desire to control all of aspects of government is not only counter-productive but...

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Elyès Jouini : « Convince everyone that democracy is the winning choice »

April 19th 2011

Elyès Jouini, Vice-President of Université Paris-Dauphine, Will the economic and social challenges facing the post-Arab Spring governments prove insurmountable?

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«A semi-presidential system with impeachment provisions and concrete checks and balances: an ideal solution for all concerned »

March 22nd 2011

Debate over the new Electoral Code is in full swing. Everyone agrees that the new Code is of strategic importance for Tunisia's immediate and long term political future...

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"Its over for the mafia-type economy "

January 31st 2011

The transition economy is taking shape in Tunisia. Le Point.fr interviewed Elyès Jouini, professor of Tunisian economics at Université Paris-Dauphine, who was recently appointed Tunisian Minister for Economic and Social Reform and in charge of implementing reforms designed to give back hope to the youth of Tunisia. What economic and social reforms are you planning to implement to fight Tunisian youth unemployment, one of the major contributing factors to Ban Ali's fall?

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G8 support for a Tunisian Plan

May 19th 2011

In response to the urgent situation in Tunisia and its coming participation to the G8 meeting to be held next week in France, I met with many of my peers from around the world to discuss what needed to be done by the international community to help save Tunisia...we came to the conclusion that without the immediate and sizable help from the international community, Tunisia will not survive. Since then, we've been circulating the below open letter to the G8 Ministers.

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Elyès Jouini : « Tunisia needs a stable and strong government to relaunch its economy. »

October 7th 2013

Is the forthcoming appointment of a transitional government good news? Yes, it is definitely good news. The current government has not taken into consideration social emergencies and economic priorities. Over the past few months, the prospect of the government's impending resignation, the lack of clarity..

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The Tunisian people, in a short period of time and by the sheer force of their democratic convictions, has successfully led a peaceful revolution that will take its place in the history of humankind. The slogans that accompanied the revolution (…) chanted by so many of Tunisia's youth, were inspired by universal values: freedom, justice and democracy...

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